Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wear no worries

I'm on the West Coast of Australia for the next few days, and i have been for the past few too.

It's been good. Good to get away and live without school for a while. 

We wear no worries at this place. We carry no stress, and certainly no sickness or tiredness. There's no hospitals, appointments, assignments, lessons or Monday mornings here. Something I became accustomed to the past few months. It's a change and it's nice.

However, I packed my camera but forgot my camera cord. So, until i am home, iphone images will have to do. 

And this: Alex tried and tried, over and over to build a sand castle, and i watched over and over as it was washed away by the destructive waves. Yet, he continued building, castle after castle. He actually paused at one point when i questioned his determination and said "no i'm not stopping, i have to keep trying." Yes Alex, you do. Always.

Image courtesy of my iphone.

Chase the sun,

K xx

PS- when i return I promise a handful of new images from the trip :)


  1. wowwww !!

    Its so soothingggggggggggg


  2. So you can make videos too!!! Gosh, woman, you are so talented.

    Make the most of your holiday darling girl.


  3. That alst image can't be a photo image . .. can it?
    It's too good for that!!!

    Very gorgeous! Hope you have a great time!!!

    P.S. Are you Australian?

  4. You're aussie!? How did i never pick this up. You have the sweetest little voice i've ever heard. Gosh, dang, I'm even more in love with ya know girl :-)

  5. Nice mix job with the music on the video. Well done you. And that sunset? Gorgeous.

  6. You did great with the video, the music is lovely - who is the artist? Alex is such a cutie!! Oh and bautiful sunset, that couldnt have been taken with a phone!!! It's too good!!!!

  7. Ha ha that was quick! ;)
    I didn't realize it was even your voice in the video, although Alex did sound Aussie yes.
    I assumed you was after mentioning you were in Western Australia for awhile.
    I'm from Townsville, North Queensland :) You?

  8. Well that one iphone image is gorgeous. Have fun!

  9. Thank you very much for the comment! :)

    Ooh, gorgeous sunset!


  10. What a touching scene.. your pics are so lovely can't believe it's from your phone! Looking forward to more xx

  11. Two things I've always wanted: to see an ocean and to have an Australian accent. :D Lucky girl.

    I loved the video! And the iphone pic is amazing! I have about 5 more months before I can upgrade and I can't wait to have one.

  12. That is an amazing picture for one being taken with an iPhone!
    You take gorgeous photos.

  13. It looks amazing. I can't wait to see your pictures. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskeiesphotoblog.com

  14. I came by yesterday and read here. I come by again tonight to have you wisp me away again with you to this far off distant place.

    Such a beautiful picture and the video...precious.

    I have a sister-in-law who was born and raised in Australia. She is such a delight and I love her accent.

    The Lord has blessed you with such a beautiful gift in capturing beauty through the lens. I pray that as He continues to guide you throughout your life...that you will follow where He leads and you will know without a doubt it is the right path.

    Blessings sweet lady,

  15. Nice photo. Enjoy your vacation dear.

  16. I just got forwarded the link to your blog by someone and can i just say you are going to make it BIG. I've spent quite some time reading your old posts and wow, you have the wisest soul i've seen for a 17 year old teen girl. Good luck with everything, not that you'll need it..

    PS Your accent is so cute!


  17. Glad you are able to have holiday!!! Love the sunset.


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