Sunday, February 13, 2011

These words of mine, they always fail.


After an extremely rough 24 hours, and a couple of ‘off’ days after that, I am myself again.

Let's just hope that this time it lasts. I am still with a billion antibiotics, and i haven’t seen the last of the hospital, but right now – i am out of pain, and i am okay.

Once again, this is a kick in the gut that reminds me to be thankful for my health when i have it. Words, my words, they always fail me when i need to get my point across but I’ll try:

I am glad that this infection is curable.

I am grateful that I will get better.

I am so, unbelievably thankful for my health.

20100622-IMG_3449Something else I am thankful for today?

My super photogenic best friend who celebrates her seventeenth birthday today.

Again, words fail me.

Pictures do not.

Happy Birthday beautiful.


The two of us; June 2010.


Much love and thanks for all your get well soon messages! :)

K xxxx


  1. Aw, you too are the sweetest best of's lovely to see. Refreshing even, happy birthday to her.

    We prayed for you over here, and we are glad you are feeling okay. Thoughts and love sweetie :-)


  2. Oh sweet girl, you have this incredible heart that is going to get you so far. You also have the talent on top of that. I'm so ready to watch you soar..


  3. Ella is so lucky to have such a beautiful talented and caring friend such as you Katherine. I am so thankful everyday that you are a part of her life. Love Jo xxxx

  4. You should be in front of the camera more! :) I love that shot of you and your best friend.

    I hope you are feeling much better and that you'll be 100%, in tiptop shape soon!

  5. Oh Katherine the beauty that is you just flows from your words and photo' and your friend just glow from the beauty within which only adds to the outer thankful you are feeling better...will continue to pray...I know how hard it is to just rest and take care of one's self...happy blessed birthday to your & hugs back at you sweet friend. XX

  6. Glad you're getting better. Those photos are lovely- both you and your friend are beautiful! x

  7. still praying for you. Glad you are still doing anitbiotics. and now rest and eat and drink well. I am glad you are feeling better. I love the first shot of you.

  8. So glad your feeling better, Katherine! Your photos are gorgeous, as usual.

    Yes, I'm really enjoying my photography class! My teacher is great and I've leaned so much.

  9. Beautiful shots. Happy Birthday to your pretty friend.

    I am so glad you are feeling better and hope that you continue to heal.

    Marla @

  10. So glad you are feeling better sweet. And happy birthday to your lovely friend. It's so true we take our health for granted until it's taken away. Hope your day is a happy one. xx

  11. Oh SOO glad you are feeling better honey.
    So much wisdom and love pours out of your posts - it gives me shivers.
    Happy birthday to your beautiful best friend. She has beautiful eyes.

  12. Poor darling girl. Know that I am thinking of you and wishing you back to good health. The world needs it's one of a kind, amazing Kat back on her feet :) love you, Vx

  13. Just stopping by to see how you are? xx

  14. i only just discovered your beautiful blog. lovely to hear that you are back on track. i have been there. rock bottom makes the high of being well again so wonderful. Janine x

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