Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just a quick and exciting post to let you all know that ThoseBlissMoments is featured at ‘Be A Fun Mum!’ You can read my photography article and tips there…

Kelly is absolutely amazing, and I believe that all of you should head on over to her site. She comes up with the most creative and lovely ideas, and i know all of you will fall in love with her sweet and inspiring manner.

Okay, that’s it from me. I am off to the beach with my best friend.

Sunset + Fish and chips + Sand + Salt Water + Warm weather + Ella = recipe for a perfect sunday night.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends,

Much love,

K xx

- And just because my posts feel naked without pictures:




And finally, Rosie cleverly snapped this one of myself:



  1. You are the most talented 16 year old on the face of this planet. That article was brilliance, I'll be sure to head back to Kelly's site, it's great!

    Elodie x

  2. I'm definetely going to check out your article.
    I'm so jealous! I wish I could just go to the beach anytime!
    My favourite photo is the first one I think. The last comes in at a close second!
    Oh and yes I'm still using Lightroom! Are you?

  3. WOW!!! I totally agree with Elodie. You are seriously the most talented 16 year old I've ever met!!

  4. Awesome pictures! I am a new follower, Love your blog!

    I'm Amy @

  5. well done with the feature! and the last photo is lovely, well done to rosie ;)

  6. HI.....I was checking out more of your blog.

    I fell in LOVE with your "Celebration Day" pictures..........GREAT JOB, they are gorgeous pictures!!!

  7. I love the way you capture the sun - it's just gorgeous!

  8. You are truly amazing. I highly doubt there are any other such amazingly talented and sweet people of your age on this earth. I feel quite blessed to know you. Your day at the beach with your friend sounds perfectly wonderful. Happy Sunday dear sweet I'm off to read that article and check this blog out! XX

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love the sun in your pictures, and there's something really magical about the 2nd one. Beautiful! :-)

  10. Well done Honey!!!
    Love the last one of you, sunflare is magic x

  11. Unbelievable article and tips in your tutorial and beautiful photos to back it up. You make me wish I was young again!

  12. Thank you for dropping by my blog! I am glad you liked the pictures :) Your work is amazing! Keep it up!

  13. Amazingly beautiful shots! Love the first one! And the Beach? Ugh....we have jealous

  14. Beautiful light! ~ Just wanted to let you know you are one of the blogs mentioned on my photo blog today! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  16. Katherine! That last silhouette shot is just gorgeous! :)

  17. HI katherine, beautiful pics as always. YOu look like you are a heavenly place with amaazing light. lucky you. Carla


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