Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebration Day 2010.

I had the pleasure of photographing the year 12’s (seniors..for all you Americans out there) last day at school on Friday.

It was such an emotional but amazing day, and i was so lucky to be able to capture most of it. There is no way i could share all of it, (as all of it is actually 300 photos) but I’ll share a bit.

I will miss these girls.





With much love,

K xx

PS – I am sincerely sorry for my lack of blogging as of late. I’ve been so busy that it is actually running me down, and I’ve been back and forth between the doctors having tests. Turns out I’m actually severely anaemic. For anyone out there who has it, you know what I’m talking about. You just feel terrible, all the time. So i am so sorry to all who still read and comment…I adore you. And i promise, I’m trying to get back to a routine of this :)


  1. I am quite sure that you are the most amazing sixteen year old girl on this planet. K, you have brought me to tears with these photographs..they are so raw! And honey, I am sorry about your anemia, it's terrible, I had it way long long ago and you feel rotten, don't you?
    Loves and hugs to you sweet girl,
    Sarah Pilkin

  2. Oh, dearest, you are so amazing.
    The Year 12s at my school just had their last day this Thursday.. it was so emotional. Is it a national thing for Year 12s to finish in the same week?
    And I can completely sympathize with your having anemia; some-days I just want to curl up in bed, I am so, so tired and my limbs are not strong enough to carry me.
    Stay strong, beautiful girl. xxx

  3. It's SO amazing what you do with the photos that you take that it's almost incredible that you're only 16!! You really rock, you know that? You really do. =)

    Oh, K, I hope you're prescribed something that will help you with your anemia. I was slightly anemic when I was younger and I was given iron supplements and prescribed a diet of foods rich in iron and other "healthy" stuff. Keep well.

  4. Those were such amazing photos, Katherine! The expressions on the girls' faces almost brought me to tears--they look as though they expect to never see each other again. You captured the emotion brilliantly.

    I'm so sorry that you have anemia. I'll be praying for your healing.

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Hi Katherine. I adore your photos.

    My prayers go with you for your speedy recovery.


  6. oh, kat darling. so sorry. I have a really high hemoglobin, so I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum with my blood. I felt like the human pincushion for awhile. sigh...

    so sorry. but lovely pictures, as always. beautiful. :)


  7. Just looking at these amazing photo's made me smile and had a couple of happy tears too. :) You are so talented for one so young. You captured this special day quite wonderfully I say!

    I was anemic when I was your age and I do remember being so tired and having no energy. Please take care of yourself. XX

  8. Absolutely wonderful photos! You have so much talent!

    I hope you feel better soon.:)

  9. This pics are amazing, the first one is so great.

  10. Wow!
    Beautiful pictures!
    i love the first one.
    Actaully I love all your pictures!


  11. These photos are simply beautiful, Katherine! You captured the day so well.

    Oh, I so sorry, Kat. I'll be praying for you, and hope you'll feel better real soon. =)

  12. It really is amazing what a talented photographer you are...I am not into photographing people like you do, mostly I like scenery and abstract.
    Probably my main reason is that I would never be able to do it as well as you, so I don't even try.

  13. You did an awesome job!!

    I looked at the others on your facebook and they are all so amazing!

  14. exciting! Love these photos.

    Praying you're feeling 100% better very soon. XO!

  15. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. That's no fun but I love these photos. I hope you have a much better week.

  16. These shots are absolutely amazing. I can literally "feel" the emotion in them. WOW, very impressive.

  17. Are all Aussies that pretty? Dang, all I see is beautiful people on your blog. :)

    I hope you start feeling better, fast.

    Marla @

  18. Such awesome captures!! You are SERIOUSLY talented!! WOW!!

    Have a nice day!

  19. What incredible photos you captured! That first one with all the girls; oh my gosh. Just gorgeous!

    Thank you for your sweet comment at my place. I consider that high praise coming from you! :)

  20. Amazing pictures looks like a fun day.
    Im Anemic too and totally know how you feel (just wish hubby would). I read your comments and most people talk as if it's something that goes away (if it does clue me in) I have had this since before I can remember iron tablets and supplaments didn't work to well for me but hopefully for you. I am a severe anemic to the point labour ment having blood on stand by for a transfussion so please don't let me worry you. just want you to know your not alone

  21. got it SO right with these shots. I have been thru several of these events now with my children. They are so emotional...highs and lows and you caught the best of it in these images. Well done.

    Take care of yourself. I have been there with the same thing and it can wipe you out. Iron..iron and more iron...listen to your Dr. and Mom...:))

    Jeanne x

  22. Katherine,

    Beautiful photos and what a special time!

    I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Take good care of you. I'm praying for you now as I leave your blog.

  23. Wonderful pics! Love them, but have to ask... Being an American I'm curious about their outfits and the hanging bras and underwear?? :-)

  24. PS...I hope you are feeling better soon and taking some Iron!!

  25. So sorry you're not feeling well sweet. LOVE these photos. I just feel like I'm there. You captured so much emotion. xx

  26. Amazing captures--love how you captured the emotion of the day. Feel better soon--eat lots of spinach! :)

  27. ooooh, i hope all the tests and everything help you to feel better. i won't lie, i know nothing about anaemia, but i really hope that no you've been diagnosed it'll help (: xxx

  28. Those were really heart tugging; it is hard to have all your friends go in all different directions. But they were beautiful as well. :')

  29. Jibby, you did such an amazing job doing this, I know I and all of the other girls are so appreciative that you were the one to photograph us, and the pictures you took just prove how amazing you truly are. Love you darling and keep doing what you're born to do because we love it. Xoxoxo


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